EMF Protection With Defense Pendant

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Protect your Health and Heart from harmful rays.

Protect Your Family with the Defense Pendant.

This is such a simple and inexpensive way to protect your family from the damaging effects of EMFs.

EMF Protection With Defense Pendant.

The Defense Pendant is a small piece of advanced technology designed to harmonize energy waves around your body.

Its middle layer contains 10,000 negative ions, 36 minerals, and a layer of black tourmaline all sandwiched between stainless steel plates.

People who wear the pendant report near-instant relief from symptoms and an increase in health, immunity, and mental wellbeing.

***Individual results may vary.

EMF Protection With Defense Pendant

Now there is a simple and stylish way to protect your health and well-being as you are exposed to the pervasive electromagnetic radiation in today’s environment. While driving, shopping, or traveling, in your home, office, or school, you will meet with EMF’s emitted by many sources – from cell phone towers to WiFi routers to smart meters to your own cell phone.

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