Introducing The Totally Wild and Unbelievable and Too-Good-To-Be-True-Sounding Wealth Formula Approved by The Fifty United States of America

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1.  What It Is:  A simple method for accumulating wealth with nothing out-of-pocket and no extra work hours.


2.  What It Does:  Allows a taxpayer to redirect non-refundable tax and other costs to one or more accounts that participate in the growth of the market and generate a lifetime tax-free income.


3.  What It Offers:  Periodically-doubling, permanently-risk-free-tax-free-compound-interest-bearing wealth and a five- or even six-figure annual (or four- or even five-figure monthly) tax-free income for life (based on federal income tax of a non-refundable career total of $250,000 (for each Minimum-Wage-earner) or even $1,000,000 or more (for each six-figure-earner) beyond the requirements of the actual language of the law).


4.  Why It Works:  As a function of (a) provisions and guarantees of the US Constitution and US and State statutes (laws), regulations, and policies, (b) financial prosperity principles, (c) results-enhancing synergies, and (d) financial industry standards and commercial practices.


5.  How It Works:  As a matter of (a) law via legal entity contracts, (b) responsibility via individual practices, and (c) government-regulated policy via one or more IUL and/or ROTH IRA IA accounts.


6.  When It Works:  Contribution Phase:  from as early as the first dollar earned and throughout a taxpayer’s working career.  Distribution Phase:  from the time of sufficient wealth—typically as early as age 60 or even 55—throughout a taxpayer’s lifetime.


7.  Where It Works:  In all fifty States and in all places under exclusive US jurisdiction.


8.  When It Started:  IUL and ROTH IRA IA:  1997; underlying US and State statutes:  1940s and earlier; and underlying Constitutional rights and principles:  1789.


9.  Why It Is Virtually Unknown:  As a result of (a) minimal governmental disclosure, (b) governmental emphasis on generating revenue over helping taxpayers reduce tax costs and increase wealth and income, (c) no governmental requirement for professional disclosure, (d) competitive restriction and expertise limitation on professional disclosure, and (e) professional emphasis on generating revenue over helping clients reduce costs and increase wealth and income.


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