Invitation : Prelims Revision Classes with ForumIAS | Delhi | Offline Only

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Forum will be conducting a series of Open Session for Prelims Revision Classes as per below schedule.

The Event is completely free, but you can pay what you want ? . If enough money is collected, we can buy everyone tea/ coffee ?

Friday  4PM – 7 PM – Indian Polity  – Registration Link
Saturday 4PM – 7 PM – Art & Culture + Ancient & Medieval History – Registration Link
Sunday 4PM – 7 PM – Modern History – Registration Link
Come join us, and we will ensure that in these series of classes, we will hit upon the most expected areas from which you can expect questions – basically areas that you should focus on , where there are chances of making errors- and where there are avenues of asking questions by the Commission.

This will also be an opportunity to revise the PYQS.

One last time.

Some of you have written long emails to me – unable to sit and study. Anxious about what to study and what to not. This part of the preparation journey is often lonely. In this small way, here is us making an effort to hold your hand through these times that matter the most.

This weekend, join us.

This weekend, let us study together.