Accurate Diploma Translation Services By Experts

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Professional Diploma Translation Services

Certified Diploma translation services are essential for people migrating into the US. Here’s a detailed insight into Diploma translations.
Certified Diploma Translation Services

People applying for a green card or migrating into the US for work, education, or other purposes require translation of their foreign language documents, including translation of High School Diploma Translation, birth certificate, diploma, and more. Government authorities need precise translations to read and understand everything contained in the documents.

Professional Diploma Translation Services

The Diploma is an official document signed by a regulatory authority stating the marriage between two people to be valid. It is one of the most important documents to be translated while migrating into the US from a foreign country, or making the marriage in a foreign country official in the US.

Being an important document of evidence, there is a certain standard set by authorities for receiving the required information. This is why certified translations are required by the government authorities.

Certified Diploma translation Services refers to an additional document accompanying the translated document testifying that the translator is proficient to carry out accurate and complete translations. Professionally certified translators who are language experts in both source and target language as well as experienced in certified translations must be hired to conduct accurate and high-quality translations. Reputed translation agencies with a team of experts are mostly hired by people looking for certified Diploma translations.

USCIS Diploma Translation Services

The USCIS is a federal agency that is responsible for the lawful immigration of foreigners into the US. It requires certified translations of all non-English documents including Diplomas, birth certificates, passports etc.

Certified Diploma translations for the USCIS refer to the verification of the translated document to be accurate and complete as per the translator’s ability. It must also contain the translator’s name, address, signature, date, and time of certification. In cases where the translation is done by the company, the translated document must contain the stamp and seal of the company, testifying accuracy and completeness.
Occasionally, the documents may require notarization. It needs a public notary to witness the signing of the certified document while verifying the identity of the translator.

To avoid errors in the submission of translated documents to the USCIS, it is advisable to hire the services of professional translation companies that guarantee satisfactory services conducted by translators who are native linguistic experts in the source and target language and have a rich experience in translating important immigration documents like a Diploma.
Benefits of Outsourcing Diploma Translation

More often than not, people resort to advance software translation tools or bilingual candidates for online Diploma translation for USCIS. Well, as the US is strict about the data they receive, inappropriate translations and any kind of uncertainties in the authenticity of the certified translation could lead to a pause in the process by the USCIs. The USCIS issues an RFE (Request for evidence) along with a month to prove authenticity. In cases where further proof is not provided, the application shall be rejected. It is, therefore, advisable to hire professional and experienced Diploma translation services that guarantee accuracy and completeness. Such documents are rarely rejected by the USCIS.
It is important to understand that the USCIS is a significantly important authority in the US. Appropriate regulations must be followed for the translation of immigration documents. Software tools and bilingual candidates can undoubtedly translate word-by-word in the document, but fail in maintaining the contextual integrity and format of the original document.

So, hiring professional services is the key to success.